MCBI c'est plusieurs années d'expérience sur les marchés: Europe, MENA et Asie.

Nous travaillons avec de nombreuses cultures et nationalités sur l'expatriation au Maroc!

Nous seront d'une grande aide pour installer votre entreprise au Maroc!

Nous serons votre partenaire pour réussir votre business au Maroc!

Have a successful relocation to Morocco


What identity documents are required to travel to Morocco? Will I need a visa to travel? Is my driver’s license valid in Morocco? How can I benefit from social security coverage while I am in Morocco? What will my tax obligations be? What are the customs formalities? Where do I send my children to school in Morocco? These are just some of the questions you will inevitably ask when you want to move to Morocco. No worries, we will take care to give you clear answers, professional answers in the field of expatriation in Morocco.


So you have arrived on Moroccan soil – congratulations! Few countries can match Morocco’s rich diversity of culture, language, music, architecture, and landscape. You are welcome to Morocco, and we are here to teach you so much about life in Morocco. But in every foreign country there are laws to be respected. In Morocco, the length of stay for example, is limited to 3 months unless you obtain a residence permit from the relevant Moroccan authorities. Another example, you can drive with an international driving licence in Morocco for a period of one year. After that you will need to obtain a Moroccan driving licence .

As a partner during your stay in Morocco, we will allow you to integrate in the best conditions, and be in a legal situation on Moroccan territory. We will also help you to find accommodation, and an adapted school structure if necessary.


A return, like a departure, it’s coming! Difficulties can arise if you are a returning citizen. You may face reverse culture shock, especially if your spouse and children have never lived in the country before. You will need to think about the logistics of moving and settling into your new life: what to sell, what to take, how to ship your belongings, and many other considerations.

But rest assured, we will help you prepare for your return to your country after expatriation: taxation, administrative formalities, social protection and welfare, schooling for your children. We will help you to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Mrs. Maider CORDOBA

Mrs. Maider CORDOBA

Managing Director, International Mobility Management/Recruitment/Evaluation/Coaching Department

HR Professional with more than 15 years of Consulting in Morocco (Relocation, Head-Hunting and Coaching).
MCBI Conseil: 13 Consultants in Morocco at the service of more than a thousand expats and many companies entrusting us with their different HR needs

MCBI Conseil

An expert in international mobility and expatriation, MCBI Conseil is a human resources consulting firm with an international dimension that brings together a team of experts who combine passion and mastery in the service of its clients.

With more than 1000 expat clients, MCBI Conseil team  will find a solution for all your HR needs.

Our various partners recognize our real added value on a daily basis. Our team is driven by values that allow us to offer our clients the best services.

A local Moroccan team to serve you

A Moroccan team on the spot, composed of Lawyers, HR Consultants and Administrative Agents, who know very well the administrative machinery, and who can serve you much faster than you can do it yourself!

Whether you want to get married in Morocco, start a business, get a work visa, move to Morocco with your pet, get an idea about the job market, drive your car to Morocco, open a bank account, know the tax system, travel to Morocco, study…there are different steps and a variety of procedures to follow. These can be quite simple or long and tedious, depending on your nationality. Our team is ready to welcome you from the moment you arrive in Morocco, and to help you through every step of your settlement, to make your life in Morocco much easier and more enjoyable!


Indeed, at the very beginning of your expatriation or even in anticipation of your relocation to Morocco, our team will be at your disposal both to explain all the necessary steps but also to provide you with real-time support to make your project a success, whatever your mission: work or investment.

Your choice for the Kingdom of Morocco will be a success as long as your business plan is well studied and you can count on the support of Consultants who work in the field and can advise you on the measures to take but also to avoid.

If your plan is to spend your retirement in Morocco, we have a solid and punchy knowledge of legal and tax matters. In case of real estate investment, we can even accompany you for any acquisition in all regions of the Kingdom.

Before or during your stay abroad, you are strongly advised to rely on our network of reliable and honest contacts for all your real estate needs. Otherwise, you can count on our real estate agents and network of legal and professional real estate agencies to provide you with the necessary support in all regions of the Kingdom.

As part of your expatriation to Morocco, you will have several financial obligations that will depend on your status and your future income received in Morocco. Our Consultants will be at your disposal to give you all the details and propose the best mechanisms in accordance with Moroccan law so that your project succeeds and is sustainable.

For almost 2 years, the French education system has set up a digital platform that manages the whole process of selection and follow-up of the enrolments of expatriates’ children in the different establishments affiliated to the AEFE. We can give you all the necessary explanations and guide you upstream to avoid any delay or complication.

At the beginning of your expatriation, you can either use your professional and personal network or rely on our recruitment teams who have job openings with our clients and partners.

There are various media and web supports available to inform yourself about the steps and measures to follow in the context of any expatriation.

Our team can provide you with a practical and effective guide but also advise you in real time on all your administrative, legal and tax needs.

Fiscal discharge, certificate of change of residence, certificate of no Lydec subscription, … All the steps inherent to the final departure from Morocco are part of our expertise and our team will be able to give you the advice and carry out the missions that will be given.

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